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“Puss in Boots 2” will be released in our theaters this Wednesday. The long-awaited continuation of the adventures of the famous ginger cat Shrek will be seen with his family from the age of 6.


Once upon a time: Puss in Boots discovers that his thirst for adventure and disregard for danger has cost him dearly: he has used up eight of his nine lives. To get back on his feet, our furry hero literally begins the search of his life.

He embarks on an epic adventure to the far reaches of the Dark Forest. But when there is only one person left, you need to know how to sleep, be careful and ask for help. This is how his ex-partner Kitty Pattes addresses De Velours. The two cats will be helped by Perro, a stray dog ​​with a strong tongue and an unwavering good mood.

Together, they’ll try to stay one step ahead of the fearsome Goldilocks and her gang of Three Bears, a growing Little Jack Horner, and even the most vicious bounty hunter in the land: The Wolf.

Puss in Boots 2: The Last Quest

With their voices: Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek 11 years after the first part returned to lend their voices to the film’s cats. Perro the dog is voiced by Harvey Guillen, Florence Pugh voices Goldilocks, Olivia Colman is the voice of Mother Bear, Ray Winstone is the voice of Papa Bear and Samson Kayo is the voice of Little Bear. Wagner Moura doubles as The Big Bad Wolf, and John Mulaney doubles as the terrifying Jack Horner.

On the French side, dubbing actor Boris Rehlinger takes on the role of Puss in Boots. Profile actress Diane Dassigny lends her voice to Kitty (in the first film it was Virginie Efira). Maxime Baudoin doubles Perrault and Leeson Daniel is Goldilocks.

“Big Bad Wolf” is dubbed by rapper Doudou Masta, who has already tried his hand at dubbing movies “Madagascar 2” and “Arthur and the Minimoys”.

DreamWorks Animation

What they will love: Finding the legendary Puss in Boots 11 years after the first film is a real treat for fans of DreamWorks films. Since his first solo adventure, Potte has grown a lot, and if he still has a very high self-esteem, his latest quest will allow him to realize his past mistakes. The character will be more mature, more altruistic and more empathetic, and the audience will like him more.

After taking up residence in a cat shelter, where he is nicknamed Pickles and lets himself loose (which makes for some pretty funny sequences), Potte breaks free and goes on an adventure.

From his fateful reunion with Kitty to meeting Perrot the dog disguised as a cat, through memories of his past adventures with Shrek, Potte will remember life and the importance of finally being surrounded by people we trust and love. to us.

DreamWorks Animation

Booklet and 3 bears

Like the Shrek films, The Last Quest is full of references to other fairy tales. Little Jack Horner’s secret room is full of magical objects: Mary Poppins’ bag, Cinderella’s shoe, Belle’s flower, King Triton’s trident, Alice in Wonderland cakes, and especially Pinocchio’s good conscience, Jiminy Cricket.

Lots of references to keep movie buffs and kids entertained.

The most observant will also notice a few nods to the saga of mother Shrek: the presence of Ti Biscuit, Shrek and Pinocchio in the cat’s memories and, of course, the ending of the film.

DreamWorks Animation

What could bother them? : After losing 8 of his 9 lives, Potte realizes his own mortality and begins to fear… The legendary reckless hero is scared and reassured that it is not the terrifying Big Bad Wolf who is on his trail.

Because this terrible bounty hunter with red eyes and sharp teeth is very scary. His deep voice, black hood and 2 circles make him even more impressive. When the last one appears, everything goes black. During the first confrontation with Potte, the wolf wounds him and a drop of blood flows. We see blood for the first time in the saga.

Potte’s hair then stands on end and he can only think of running away. Be careful if you are going to see the movie with young children.

DreamWorks Animation

During a visit to Mama Luna’s shelter, Potte meets Perro, a mangy and talking dog who wants to befriend him. If his good humor and stubbornness annoy the cat, he will be moved by the story of this mistreated dog, rejected by everyone and yet always ready to help.

But the real villain of the film is Jack Horner. The collector of these magical items and the pie lover has only one wish: to keep all the magic in the world. Unscrupulous, fearless and willing to do anything to achieve his goals, this former child star has turned into a fearsome mobster in a fairytale land.

What will they keep inside? : Puss in Boots 2: The Final Investigation is a real life lesson. The proud hero will experience a great “human” adventure that will lead him to salvation.

DreamWorks Animation

He will literally face his past mistakes and thanks to his friends, he will understand that the most important thing is to be surrounded by the people you love and enjoy the present moment.

The naïve Perrault always sees the good in life despite its difficulties, and that’s why the Black Forest offers him a path full of wonderful trials once and for all.

A great adventure movie with fluffy Zorro and a little dog that will soften even the toughest of you.

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