Iran protests: BBC identifies more deaths in social unrest

  • Author, By BBC 100 Women, Disinformation, Monitoring, BBC Fars and Visual Journalism teams
  • role, BBC News
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Roya’s mother Mahsa arrives to add Amini’s death to the list of hundreds of Iranians killed during the protests.

“If I don’t protest, who else will?

Minoo Majidi’s last words to his family before his death.

Minoo was 62 years old when he was shot dead by security forces on the streets of Kermanshah in western Iran. According to his daughter, he was killed by more than 178 bullets. He died in the hospital.

After Minu’s death, her daughter Röya Piraei posted a photo of her near her mother’s grave on Instagram. He shaved his head and kept his hair back as a sign of mourning and protest. His act quickly went viral.

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