As the holidays approach, Strasbourg warns

As Christmas is fast approaching, it is important to remember this principle: an animal is not a gift. Shelters and animal welfare organizations fight against forced purchases every day, which often end in abandonment. So if you really want to adopt a companion and are committed to doing things right, there are no animals under the tree!

Again this year France became the European champion for animal abandonment. More than eleven pets are abandoned every houror about 100,000 per year. Forced or careless acquisition of an animal is often the main reason for these abandonments.

If they can take place throughout the year, As the holidays approach, these behaviors become more frequent.Every year there are adoption requests from people who want to offer a cat to a loved one. We never approve this kind of adoption request..” Corinne Weissenburger, president of CAT’ MonDoux, assures.

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Like many others, the local association closes and suspends adoptions during the holiday season, which avoids responding to such inquiries. Even if the request is made before the holidays, the adoption process is long enough to discourage those planning to spend Christmas with an animal: “We have a well-established adoption procedure and if we receive adoption applications just before the holidays, it is impossible to arrange it in two days.

A commitment for life that only a future master can make

Adopt an animal bring a living with all its consequences, whether pleasant or not, in his life. Therefore, it is a responsibility that should weigh on the future master and a choice that belongs only to him.We do not choose animals over people, cats are not an object we offer and are a commitment for 15 years or more. Moreover, cats often choose their families, and mutual feelings arise during the meeting.confirms Corinne Weissenburger.

because yes to offer someone a companion is also to deny that every animal has its own personality and, like humans, is not sure that its master agrees with it.

There are extremely playful cats that may want multiple household members, very quiet dogs that will spend most of the day sleeping, and many character traits that are more or less important depending on the person.

Moreover, by choosing the animal in its place, it too to deprive a person of this first meeting, especially touching for those who are lucky enough to experience it and give the choice to the often obvious.

When you do, it’s for life. Unless you live alone, this is a choice that affects and concerns all other members of the household.We never offer an animal to a child because an animal is not an object. Children may want to adopt a cat, but it should be a family decision and the whole family agrees to take proper care of it for a few weeks and then leave it. It is important that parents know the commitment that adopting an animal requires and that they are prepared to take on and care for it.” says Mon Doux, president of CAT.

To be sure of yourself, it is better to follow the recommendations of associations

Therefore, it is better to consider all possible difficulties that you may face in order to be sure of your choice. What if he got sick and had to pay high vet bills? What if he caused trouble in my apartment? What if our characters don’t match? What if I move to another place of residence or even abroad? What if someone I share my life with has allergies? What if I go on vacation?

If the answer to any of these questions is to leave, then the responsibility is too heavy. A rule to be sure of yourself: be prepared for all eventualities!

Also, be careful not to be fooled by some prejudices. Offering a smaller animal does not mean less responsibility. Although not taken out every day like a dog, a rabbit, ferret, rat, hamster, fish or reptile requires no less attention. Each animal has its own characteristics and special needs that must be met when living in captivity at home. The 30 Millions d’amis website and the city of Strasbourg also provide some useful advice for making a decision.

Finally, a very good way to realize the effect of an animal in your home is to apply it as a host family with local associations. It’s also an opportunity to do good by making spaceless structures a little lighter measure the load this represents.

If you happen to end up in junior foster care, the foster family is often the priority for adoption. For those interested, many local structures offer this option, e.g Strasbourg SPA, association CAT’ Mon Doux, or Era unitybut to name a few.

Sale, donation and adoption: laws to know

Abandoning your animal in France is a crime punishable by a €30,000 fine and two years in prison. But this is not the only information you need to know before committing. It should be noted that recently new laws came into force. Selling cats or dogs to individuals is prohibited and its sale in pet stores will be banned until 2024.

From October 2022, if you want to adopt a dog or cat, you will have to sign “Certificate of commitment and knowledge”. Identification of your pet is also mandatory (before 4 months for dogs and before 7 months for cats). And it is forbidden to transfer an unidentified animal. Once the process starts with the vet, Icad, the structure that manages the identification of domestic carnivores in France, will give it a unique number associated with the owner’s name and address.

In other words, many legal rules must be respected. Even if you want to donate an animal, there are mandatory fees that must be paid by the owner. It is always better to contact local associations to facilitate the task and ensure that the animal is cared for in the best possible conditions.

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The article is supported but not peer-reviewed by the City of Strasbourg and Eurometropolis.

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