The collusion of the state, the media and BigTech has a name. Could this be “fascism”?

Published on December 6, 2022


If we look at the mainstream press, the past week has been filled with the same energetic procrastination as usual, the endless political and social whining that France has known for a long time and is now at a problematic standstill. On the other hand, in terms of social networks, that week was full of lessons on the contrary…

If we watch some of the news swept up by Twitter, which is completely different than it was a month ago, it’s hard to see the connection to the boring nonsense and deliberately entertaining topics that the mainstream press continues to operate on. The disconnect between Musk’s social network and the state-funded press is deeply troubling.

The anti-Semitic speeches of this mainstream press are confusing and Dr. Fauci’s emails?

Recall that Anthony Fauci is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in the United States and was responsible for the American government’s response to the last pandemic, from February 2020 to December 2022, the month he accepted (comfortably) his retirement. However, the said Fauci is collecting what appear to be falsehoods about the way the said crisis was handled, the existing protocols and above all the origin of the virus. The just-released emails show beyond a shadow of a doubt that the virus did indeed emerge from a laboratory in Wuhan, and that it was the result of genetic manipulations (gains of function) funded in part by the Fauci institute itself.

In this context, Kanye West’s lunar declarations are timely. They inflame the political sphere, add fuel to the fires of racial tension that still exist in the United States, and quickly forget about the Health Administration’s coronavirus debacle. Added bonus: He doesn’t want to talk about the Balenciaga affair, which is still being exposed on Twitter, but which nevertheless revealed the brand’s strange appetite for pedophilia, now presented as an unfortunate mistake in a photo shoot. And even though in general absolutely nothing Such high-profile publicity photos are not left to chance, even if the final deal to release the footage was never the fruit of a single person, everyone in the mainstream press wants to believe the unfortunate choices.


You have to wonder how these big revelations (emails from Fauci, pedophilia at a major fashion brand) have been completely minimized by the entire Western press. One can wonder even more strongly about the lack of treatment of the revelations in the book Twitter Files Elon Musk released last Friday.

These are Twitter Files – where we can appreciate some of the content in French – no doubt that the platform currently owned by Elon Musk is using all its power to influence the election campaign and the 2020 American presidential election. ) requests from its members and after reaching out to the FBI a few weeks ago to make sure no “misinformation” would be spread, the platform quickly censored and removed certain kompromat for Joe Biden. The campaign revealed what his son Hunter’s laptop was interested in, as well as its contents New York Postit was quickly (but falsely) linked to Russian propaganda and therefore banned from any discussion on Twitter and then on all Western social networks.

We’ve since learned that the computer belonged to Hunter, there was no more Russian disinformation than saliva, and now evidence is mounting that Joe Biden’s son profited greatly for personal gain from his father’s position in the Obama administration. profit, human trafficking and concealment of influence, embezzlement, etc. as evidenced by the impressive Marco Polo dossier these lines discussed earlier.

As it is, the mainstream press barely mentions the subject: Anything that could damage Biden, especially if it demonstrates his total collusion with the state apparatus, doesn’t even deserve a paragraph. His current reaction says a lot about what’s on his mind; Celebrities, politicians, and journalists who engage in free speech on Twitter talk more about themselves than on Twitter. None of them are more on the side of reason, peace, and freedom of expression, but all are more clearly on the side of raw emotion, conflict, and censorship.

The European Union’s recent response to Mask and Twitter illustrates this last point perfectly: By demanding a return to the robust moderation imposed by the Commission’s arbitrary rules, the European authorities show quite well where they stand. in the current theater, and he’s not really on History’s good side.

Now it is clearly established without the slightest doubt that Twitter, while claiming to be neutral, actually censors content at the behest of a political party, while one can only imagine what is happening on Facebook or other networks and other companies. Like Google or Apple. Now it will be impossible to believe that these BigTechs are not a global dealenterprise As we find the same problems on both sides of the Atlantic, the American left and the West more broadly.

With these Twitter FilesEvidence that since the 2020 US election, the state and BigTech have openly coordinated to stifle dissent, suppress and erase dissent on several key political issues. has been done. the origin of the covid virus, the increasingly difficult efficacy and safety of vaccines.

One might wonder if there is a word for a form of government in which the state aligns the interests of private corporations with its own. Ah, but damn, yes, of course! This is fascism!

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