The best movies of 2022

After a rich and prosperous year in film productions, it’s time to look back at the creations that marked this twelve months. Arlésienne is finally released, directors behind the camera, unexpected and daring films, what are the feature films we will still remember next year? This option is responsible for providing some answers.

Top Gun Maverick – Joseph Kosinski

After several years embodying the cinematic Arlesian, Ball Guno maverick it is indeed a reality. After endless postponements due to the pandemic, Tom Cruise gives his best performance here. Between the memories of the first work and the technical and technological innovations (especially with the action scenes shot in real conditions), Joseph Kosinski’s camera presents a film that oscillates between frantic action and introspection. An action blockbuster that easily outperformed the rest of the competition at the start of the year.

Batman – Matt Reeves

Batman-Batman-1After Ben Affleck, it’s Robert Pattinson’s turn to don the bat suit in Batman, this time directed by Matt Reeves. This new story follows a young Batman as he hunts down a mysterious assassin on the streets of Gotham. Darker and more real than their elders, Batman takes a closer look at the iconic DC comics superhero. With an unlikely cast and a realization that flirts with perfection, it’s hard not to get caught up in this new, but unfortunately rather long, adventure of a masked vigilante. The work of Matt Reeves will certainly celebrate the license, but for the moment without rising to the same level of the Nolan trilogy.

Boop – Jordan Peele

No Blu-ray 4K Ultra HD - 1Even mysterious in its final trailer, Jordan Peele’s latest feature film, now famous, is on the list of many meaningful works. Without going into spoilers and plot details, an exact synopsis of the film would be pointless as it is rich and therefore open to interpretation. Otis Haywood, a horse breeder on a California ranch, discovers a mysterious presence in the sky. That’s all that can be said. A horror or science fiction film, a satire, a critique of Hollywood cinema or, more broadly, the social system, Boop is this year’s UFO itself in the blockbuster movie landscape. Spectacular, haunting, intimate and driven, Jordan Peele once again makes his mark in an often impeccable sector. We allow you to experience this through this ambitious film of great ingenuity.

Buzz Thunder – (Pixar) Angus MacLane

Buzz Lightyear - Buzz Lightyear - 1The first major spin-off project for the saga Toy storymovie Buzz Thunder immerses us in the film where the eponymous character comes from. A project that may seem risky at first glance, but Pixar’s return to science fiction deftly negotiates this sharp turn. Stranded on an unknown planet, Buzz and his crew search for a way to repair their device while discovering the secrets of this new world. If the film may seem less spectacular than expected at a few points, especially if the space part is not much for a film revolving around SPACE rangers, the whole film remains entertaining thanks to the tense action and very proper overall rhythm. It’s magnified by Pixar’s lavish animation, reminding us once again of their undeniable talent. If this film reassures us about the upcoming announcement of a spin-off of the same genre for Woody’s character, it’s mission accomplished.

The decision to leave – Park Chan Wook

The decision to leave Blu-ray - 1Always at the forefront of the new wave of Korean cinema, director Park Chan-wook returns with a work that is as impressive as it is surprising. While investigating the death of a man in the mountains, police officer Hae-Jun meets the deceased’s wife, Seo-Rae. From this impromptu meeting, the most intense romance will follow. Between the thriller aesthetic and the Hitchcockian atmosphere, The decision to leave it is a real labyrinth of feelings and emotions. While some of the director’s narrative biases can be perceived as a letdown, the director’s mastery easily overcomes the rare quirks of a feature film. A great work that oscillates between virtue and relevance.

Bullet Train – David Leitch

Bullet Train Limited Edition 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Steelbook - 1Under the direction of David Leitch, co-director John Wick 1, Bullet Train is part of a long list of blockbusters that don’t have huge ambitions but are quite entertaining. Between the worn-out clichés, colorful characters, and threadbare plot, it’s impossible not to appreciate the smooth action of this feature film. Of course he isn’t John Wick between the reimagining of action cinema, but the ubiquitous levity, over-the-top dialogues, perfectly interpreted characters and remarkable realization, all the ingredients are there for more than pleasant moments.

Elvis – Ice Luhrmann

Elvis Special Collector's Edition Fnac Steelbook Blu-ray 4K Ultra HD - 1Almost ten years later The Great Gatsby, the divisive Buz Luhrumann returns with a feature film that can give life to his extreme and tinsel desires. Returning to the life of the King with his rise and fall, Elvis nervous and rhythmic like his character. With Lurhmann’s supercharged camerawork and, most notably, Austin Butler (as Elvis), this biopic has all the dynamism needed to do justice to the electric life of this singing legend.

The northern man – Robert Eggers

The Northman Special Collector's Edition Fnac Steelbook Blu-ray 4K Ultra HD - 1interesting meeting between Conan the Barbarian and series vikings, The northern man is placed under the sign of revenge with the Nordic prince Amlet, who is on a quest to avenge his father, who was killed by his uncle Fjölnir. Simple, but above all effective, it allows director Robert Eggers to explore more mysterious, esoteric and even phantasmagorical atmospheres that perfectly fit the Nordic context of the feature film. Accompanied by a dazzling, soaring and five-star cast, notably Nicole Kidman and Anya Taylor-Joy, both of whom sparkle, The northern man explores this Viking landscape, which has already been photographed many times, in a fascinating way.

Chef – Philip Baratini

The Chef Fnac Blu-ray Exclusive - 1During Magic Friday (Thursday before Christmas) the most realistic immersion in the heart of London restaurant, Chief immerses us in the kitchen and its team, where we will follow in real time from the start of the service to the closing. This choice gives the film a sense of being behind closed doors, which perfectly matches the subtle progression of tension and pressure over the minutes. The constant craziness of the culinary world is ideally staged with the help of Stephen Graham and Vinette Robinson, both of whom are unconvincing. Chef thus taking us to the guts, while gaining intensity, bringing it to the boiling point as delicious as it is.

Abuela- Paco Plaza

Abuela Blu-ray - 1After its international success REC, always overshadowing the rest of his filmography, Paco Plaza plunges back into horror with a new feature film that explores ancestral human fears, fears of aging and bodily decay. In Abuela, 25-year-old young model Susanna receives an emergency call and informs about the accident that happened to her grandmother. Desperate, Susanna decides to take him in, but as the days go by, her condition worsens. Paco Plazza keeps his know-how in terms of scary atmospheres, away from easy surprise effects and other hacky procedures. Care for aesthetics allows appropriate use of the terrible arcs inherent in bedsores and body mortification. Paco Plaza once again proves his mastery of the horror genre with a horror film that rises almost to the level of James Wan.

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