Cut to: Nabeul in the crosshairs of animal defenders

After the latest killing of stray dogs, the municipality of Nabeul has become a target for animal advocates: testimonial videos have been widely shared on all social networks, and criticism of this intolerable act is growing.

Confronted by the latest massacres in Nabeul, animal rights activists staged a demonstration in front of Jarre de Nabeul on Saturday, December 2, to call for an end to decades of cruel practices. its intensity has doubled in the last six months.

Demonstrators are demanding that municipalities take their responsibilities to prevent animal overpopulation and rabies to protect citizens and not make animals pay for their lives and suffering. They also demand the cancellation of the massacres in Tunisia and the generalization of the “Tnvr” programs for all Tunisia without exception.

empty promises

You should know that at the end of last October, Nabeul municipality received the associations, volunteers and vets at the latter’s request after the massacre. At the end of the meeting, the municipality declared its support for stopping this practice. Participants left with confidence, following through on the promise to establish a shelter and a spaying and neutering center. While he is the mayor MI Besma Matoug claims she was unaware of this latest sniper round.

Unfortunately, the act of massacre is generalized in the whole area (Beja, Gafsa, Djerba, Nabeul …). Since the end of July, publications and videos testifying to these terrible nights have been filtering through social networks. Snipers shoot wherever they see them and often don’t bother picking up bodies. As for Djerba, several dogs were left dismembered until they were buried by the associations. Or they killed the dog in front of the Treasurer’s library and left it in front of passers-by… even children.

The images viewed on the networks are terrible: background noise with the voices of the bosses and the cries of agony and terror of the dogs. They show police dragging dogs to throw them into a van, bloody animals, some dead, some injured and crawling for shelter… These videos of cruelty are intolerable and shared on all social networks, internationally… tirelessly. Arab, French, Spanish, German and English, condemn and condemn Tunisia.

Who can stop this massacre?

However, despite the outcry, neither the cries of anger and displeasure of Tunisian citizens nor the international community will be able to stop the infernal machine. There is no sign that the authorities will stop reversing their decision. Does this count as the voice of Tunisian citizens? Those who understood for a long time that these cruel deeds of another time of these women and these men could not continue.

If only there was political will, the situation would not be at such a serious and urgent level. For years, Tunisian animal protection’s warnings and requests to open sterilization and vaccination centers in all areas have been ignored and allegedly ignored or sometimes even disrespected by some municipalities. .

But the solution is out there! All it takes is mass sterilization to control births and spread the rabies vaccine to all stray animals. But why refuse to follow the recommendations of world organizations for human and animal health, which have been scientifically proven that cutting does not solve anything and the only method that has proven to be effective is “Tnvr” (Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate). – Release) consists of capturing, sterilizing, vaccinating and returning dogs to their homes. This process has made it possible to reduce bite contamination in several countries and thus eradicate human rabies cases. So why persist in these brutal practices that have been going on for decades and have demonstrated their ineffectiveness?

Admittedly, some residents no longer want dogs on their streets, but they must understand that leaving the area vacant will leave room for other dogs (unvaccinated and unneutered) to come and occupy it at their own risk. . And the spiral of birth and fear will continue forever.

Animals are not born aggressive

The Voice of Tunisian Animals collective regrets the lack of awareness among citizens about the attitude to adopt when encountering a stray dog. “Animals are not born aggressive. It is the person who participates in the behavior. This ancestral fear of dogs causes reactions that are misinterpreted by the animal. When people meet a dog on the street, most of them run away in fear. A dog driven by its hunting instinct sees it as prey and will chase it. Some even go so far as to throw stones at them and feel threatened, the dog can only respond aggressively and protect itself, the latter will attack the person in question,” says a member of the collective. Press.

The same source adds that every action has an effect. The crimes we commit against animals penetrate the collective unconscious and create present generations as well as future generations: “…Let us rebel against ignorance, indifference, cruelty, which, moreover, are practiced against man because they often take their hands. animals. Let’s not forget that if we always had to take things back to ourselves, if there were fewer tortured animals, there would be fewer martyred children…” Marguerite Yourcenar said.

In the end, our interlocutor affirms that “we bear the heavy responsibility of persisting in our mistakes, and one day or another we will have to face the curious gaze of our children and grandchildren asking how we could allow these crimes to happen. “.

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