these movies and series will be removed from Netflix in December (Removed 2022)

Many programs, films, documentaries and series follow each month. In an era that has become natural and regular on Netflix, it is nevertheless clear to see some shows leaving the network. flow. But don’t worry, it’s also not uncommon for some content to reinvest the catalog after a renegotiation of streaming rights.

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The move also allows it to welcome new entrants and increase the content offering of the American giant. You can also now keep track of daily new programs in the News section and upcoming programs in the Coming Soon section.

What movies and series will leave Netflix in December?

When it comes to deprogramming, we invite you to consult this regularly updated list and organize your schedule. follower !

December 1

once again

December 5

Minecraft: Story Mode (Interactive)

December 6

15:17 for Paris

December 7

RuPaul’s Drag Race Holi-Slay Spectacular

December 12

Human hunting

December 14

Dil Chahta Hai
Language Dhadakne Do
Gift 2
The game
Honeymoon Travels Pvt. ltd.
Karthik calls Karthik
Warriors of the Celestial Empire
Luck with luck
We only live once
A Trap in Troubled Waters
Rock On!!
Terminator Rebirth

December 15

Marvel Anime: Wolverine
Marvel Anime: X-Men
The Amazing Spider-Man

December 17

Red rivers

December 18

Youth age
Wedding guest

December 19

Lego Big Adventure 2

December 22

7:19 a.m
Kkondae Practitioner

December 23

He adores her

December 25

Dolly Parton: I’m here
The fate of Alakada

December 25

Find Me in Your Memory
my dad is weird
My One and Only

December 29

Brightburn – Evil child
Forced departure
Spider-man next generation
What is happening to my family?

December 30

gossip girl
West Indian squad

December 31

10,000 Hours
17 girls
I feel good
Adventure Jim!
At the Paradise Hotel
A star is born
american gangster
Love 65
Rain after dew
A la carte fraud
At least it was (still) nice
baby manual
Best before
Blanche Gardin: I’m talking to myself
Blanche Gardin: Good White Night
Human hunting
Dear family
Night Drive
happy city
Just like on TV
Love at first sight in Nothing Hill
Treatment of youth
In a maid’s shoes
The art of stopping
Part by part
Dear John
Deep water
Dennis mischief
games for adults
Downton Abbey
A duet for cannibals
failure and death
Side effects
In spirit and conscience
Interview with the vampire
And if it wasn’t too late
There are still angels
Come for rent
those who go
strong as a lion
Four more years
Beware of Jonssons
Godzilla II: King of the Monsters
Golfer accidentally
star seed
Green lantern
Big hit in Stockholm
Göta Kanal: The contract race
Gota Kanal 3: Face to face with the mafia
Hanna in society
Harry’s Daughters
Hugo and Josephine
Ingeborg Holm
IRL (In Real Life)
Jack the Giant Slayer
I’m a legend
Just in time
Karin Mansdotter
Carl-Fredrik in power
Kung Fu Panda 3
Bow and flute
A sincere killer
Service access
Summer of the Sun
Pac’s Scary Halloween
The man from Majorca
beauty in red
A woman without a face
The woman was dressed in black
Santa Pac Bay Party
Great adventure
Apple war
Green line
The ninth company
Eve apple
The scrap revolution
The Life of David Gale
The city of my dreams
Three Lys bricks
Lina’s notebook
The way of the snake
Clara’s horse
Clash of the Titans
Front of the stage
The boy in the tree
The Grinch
The lion of the desert
Swedish Guilt
The most powerful
The weight of fame
Pole Express
Jönssons in Majorca
Jonssons and Harry Dynamite
There is gold fever in the Jonsson family
The Jonssons are back
The Millers, the budding family
Let’s go
Les Petits Jönsson: The Hunt for an Autograph
Les Petits Jönsson: Robbing the Cornflakes
Les Petits Jönsson: What a circus!
At Les Petits Jönsson summer camp
Pirates of Lake Malaren
The isolated ones
Seven Orphans
Misa and monsters
Test 2
Miss Classy
Mr. Gunnar Papphammar
Mustaches and peas
Naruto Shippuden
Don’t tell anyone
Our differences
Our way
Ocean 13
Adventures like Pac-Man and Ghost
Panic Room
I was afraid
Pokemon: Detective Pikachu
Project X
What a joker!
Fixed term connection
Unite at all costs
Shaun the Sheep
Shaun the Sheep: Farmer’s Llamas
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
those who sleep
Sniper: Sniper
Soldiers, but not many
SOS: Swedes at sea!
As long as there are friends
Terje Vigen
A mule
Office (USA)
Do not turn
transformers cyberverse
Transformers Rescue Bots Academy
to kill the child
Två Killar Och En Tjej
Another great summer for Fanny
White cat
A guest will arrive
Too many zeros
After the door is closed
A real dream house
Summer Waltz in Roslagen
Towards happiness
Meet Timmy
Organized trip
Organized trip 2: In the mountains
Zoom, superhero academy

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