Netflix, AppleTV+: three good series to enjoy to start the week right

With the arrival of December, the temperature drops, the place cocooning and often, the choice of comfort series to get rid of all this under the comfortable plaid. And CNET has three suggestions, two of which come from the Netflix catalog to save you from spending half an hour running the app.

Options to start the week right: Grace and Frankie, Ginny & Georgia and Central park.

Which series should you watch on Netflix and AppleTV+?

Comedy with two legends of the big screen on Netflix: Grace and Frankie

Summary: Grace and Frankie find their lives changed dramatically when their respective husbands declare their love for each other and leave them. Although everything is against them, they are forced to face this new situation together.

CNET France review: To my left is the indescribable Jane Fonda, a legend of the big screen Barbarella hour Clute Passing by We finish the horses well. To my right is the equally talented Lily Tomlin, a regular for Robert Altman, known for his stand-up comedy and Broadway appearances. Between them a century-long career and a new challenge Grace and Frankie : a regular series, on a platform with a global audience – Netflix – a comedy in which they play two women who come together in unprecedented circumstances. Indeed, they find Grace and Frank divorced at the same time, their two husbands deciding to leave together after twenty years of secret affairs to spin the perfect love. What to say, what to do, how to react, how to overcome nerves? There are so many questions that the series answers face-to-face for its two protagonists.

Frankie is a hippie artist; Grace is a retired cosmetics industry executive who takes a dim view of her daughter Brianna’s (June Diane Raphael) attempts to find work and create a second chapter in her career. The premise of each episode is ultimately pretty simple, and Martha Kauffman (also friends, pardon the pun) puts everything into the no-holds-barred dialogues and exchanges of women trying to find a decent transition to a cataclysmic upheaval in their lives. Add in an excellent supporting cast, including Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston as Grace and Frankie’s ex-husbands, and you have an irresistible formula. It’s so catchy that it’s one of the longest series on the platform: Grace and Frankie ended at the end of seven seasons. Grandmothers resist!

  • Series overview with first season trailer (in French):

Mother-daughter drama mixed with thrillers on Netflix: Ginny & Georgia


Fifteen-year-old Ginny often feels more mature than her mother, the irresistible Georgia. After many trips across the country, Georgia finally decides to put her bags somewhere, which gives Ginny a chance to experience what life is like for a normal teenager.

Review by CNET France

As Georgia (Brianne Howey) jokingly tells her daughter in the first episode, “We are what we are Gilmore Girlsbut with bigger breasts!” In fact, the concept has commonalities – a thirty-year-old mother and her fifteen-year-old daughter move to a quiet American town, here in Wellsbury, New England – but the comparisons stop there. Ginny (Antonia Gentry) and her mother share many confidences and they share pop-culture references, but their context couldn’t be more different: a school feud, as their family already includes younger brother Austin, whose first steps at school are difficult and unremarkable; then Georgia can’t rely on her rich parents and must move out after her husband dies in a car accident. Ginny & Georgia also attempts to depict the difficult integration into high school with a colorful group of friends; but also, very early on, Ginny’s first love, which develops from the first episode: a handsome neighbor, Marcus (Felix Mallard), and another high school student.

On the contrary Gilmore Girls and other family series, the tonal freedom allowed by Netflix offers more raw discussions of sexuality and more one-on-one exchanges about mother-daughter chores, or even political considerations about high-level social integration. school with mixed race or even ambient racism. Another major feature of the series is Georgia’s past, which is revealed as the episodes progress through flashbacks, and her complicated, even murderous, relationship with the men in her life, which gives the series a darker tone than expected. Ginny & Georgia, with a ubiquitous soundtrack and some pretty fresh faces at the helm, proves to be an enjoyable and often confusing achievement. The second season is scheduled for 2023.

  • A quick tour of Westbury by trailer Ginny & Georgia :

A quirky animated musical on AppleTV+: Central park

Summary: Central park It follows the Tillermans family living in the heart of Central Park. Park manager Owen and his investigative journalist wife Paige are raising their two children, Molly and Cole, in the world’s most famous nature park, while meeting wealthy heiress Bitsy Brandenham, who wants nothing more in the world. rather than turning the park into real estate residences.

CNET France review: Based on his own experience and successes Bob’s Burgerscreator Loren Bouchard and her right-hand woman Nora Smith have teamed up with AppleTV+ for one of the platform’s first animated series. Central parkIt will arrive in the summer of 2020. But if the first series plays the songs related to the episodes in the background, Central park where he puts the music in the spotlight with several segments where the characters open their hearts. They are even Josh Gad’s (Olaf in Snow Queen), featuring an eccentric street musician who serves as our narrator. Episodes often follow a crisis in the park for patriarch Owen (voiced by David Diggs) to resolve, more often than not caused by the evil plans of reclusive heir Bitsy (voiced by Stanley Tucci – you read that right). pulls the strings of the park’s pure and simple destruction, paving the way for the complete urbanization of this New York landmark.

The Tillermans are less eccentric than the Belchers…in general, but that doesn’t stop their children, Molly and Cole, from developing their fantasies in song; and fans Bob’s Burgers rediscover the simple and benign design of characters, as well as the ability to make creative fireworks out of nothing. From skateboarding to trash cans and squirrels, the cast of the show can be seen spending a lot of time in Central Park. From this comes an inexhaustible inspiration to create episodes mocking park visitors and high society through the character of Bitsy. Three seasons are now available on AppleTV+; the series is waiting to be updated.

  • Discover the supercharged world of the famous New York park in an animated version:

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