Five reasons to read (or suggest) Mag’ Futura for Christmas

Futura is launching its quarterly paper magazine soon, and Ulule only has 11 days left to support the project! An exciting adventure and a challenge that the whole team overcomes. At the heart of this wonderful project you can participate in: popular science accessible to all. Five reasons to convince others to buy Mag Futura.

Reminder: Lasts 11 days Mag Futura In kiosks and bookstores from January 2023. Keep talking about the project around you and sharing this page! It helps us a lot.

Futura wants to see far with its quarterly magazine. Staying true to our core principles: celebrating science, teaching its method, deciphering what it says about the world, we want to offer our readers time to take a breather from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, pursue the basics, and shed light on the subject. challenges of the future. Because the future is in play today: we must keep our eyes on the horizon now to avoid the announced ecological cataclysm, to question our technological future and to dig into the mysteries of the Universe.

Last days to pre-order Mag’ Futura

There are 5 reasons to support Mag Futura :

Understand to better protect the world

With our faith Mag Futura, is that we can make science accessible to everyone and that everyone can be passionate about science. What could be more interesting than understanding infinitesimal and infinitely large mechanisms? From the activity of the billions of neurons in our brains to the billions of stars above our heads? We want to talk to you about universal topics, in popular language, about the general public: because we know that by passing on our excitement for scientific discoveries to you, you will also be tempted to delve into these topics!

Understanding the world and the complex and fragile beauty of its arrangements makes one want to preserve it. From this point of view, we live in a critical period: crossing planetary boundaries, biodiversity loss and climate disruption. Our mission to popularize science therefore places a responsibility on us to warn of these important emergencies. Bringing wonder and protecting the living world will therefore be part of our leitmotifs. We will convey these values ​​at the opening of each issue by highlighting an input file that explores a place, phenomenon, or critical issue for the future of the earth’s biosphere.

embodies science

To carry these promises of miracles around science and popularization, science should be told at the top of the scientists who do it. To flesh out these human adventures, we’ll bring you embodied talks, portraits of scientists and women in each issue, and forums for researchers to talk about their vocations and dreams. We’ll take you to the heart of the labs where tomorrow’s new knowledge and technologies are born, and dive into the most fascinating tools for understanding the science in progress.

science for all

True to Futura’s DNA, making it a point of honor to make scientific news accessible to everyone, with constant rigor and complete independence, Mag Futura of course, it was mixed with love by our journalists who are eager to become popular. In our age troubled by fake news producers and pseudo-experts, it seemed more important than ever for us to show our commitment to the light that science projects on the Universe, to our unshakable independence, and to the need to popularize so that everyone can feed their ideas. critical spirit. This is what we want through the topics that fill these 200 pages. Scientific rigor does not mean rigor in information processing. Rather, we want to make science engaging, providing keys to understanding and deciphering our world in profound change.

Gain perspective and explore long-term issues

While our site deciphers the abundance of scientific news, the journal aims to take a step back and question the long-term perspective. The main word of this book, which wants to invite everyone to sit and meditate, is to take time… to meditate in the direction of deep thought, away from the surrounding noise and saturated with daily news.

A magazine with a unique aesthetic

Deciphering the science also means paying special attention to the aesthetics of the magazine to convey that pleasure. This unusual appearance is reflected in the special attention to the aesthetics of the journal, the desire to turn it into a beautiful object and distinguish it from the classic graphic codes of scientific representation. This new formula will offer a wide variety of short formats, chronicles, reports, beautiful photos, comics to enjoy the snack. mag’ in small increments over the months.

Last days to offer Mag’ Futura

Exclusive: discover the beginning of comics planned in the new issue Mag Futura and illustrated by the talented Benjamin Barreau …

on the 19the century, a lively debate pitted the naturalist Felix Archimedes Pouchet against the young chemist Louis Pasteur. The first claims demonstrated that life could arise by itself, without parents, under suitable conditions and from inert matter. Pasteur counters this idea: this is the beginning of a media and scientific struggle that respects the rigor of experience and provides valuable lessons for the way science moves forward.

The extraordinary adventure you need

We need your help and support to make this venture a success. Be our ambassadors of knowledge and science. You can help us by reserving the first number and offering it around. A great gift idea for Christmas, bursting with ideas and wit.

Long live science, long live the future!

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