The destruction of the “super cartel” that flooded France

“Four people were arrested in the French branch of the operation, three people are awaiting extradition.” desert light“Last month the European police opposed it”super cartelInstalled in Dubai. The French investigation is based on a series of cocaine seizures in the spring of 2021 and a torture session in Belgium in 2020. Its success was made possible by exploiting communications exchanged between criminals thanks to the dismantling of Sky ECC messaging in early 2021, which was believed to be invulnerable.

According to Europol, the hard core of this “super cartel“Suspected of supplying a third of the cocaine consumed in Europe, there will be four heads. Three have already fallen: the Dutch Ridouan Taghi, the feared boss of the powerful Mocro Mafia, currently on trial in the Netherlands; the Italian Raffaele Imperiale, who worked for the Neapolitan Camorra; and the recently arrested in Dubai at the request of the Netherlands Edin Gajanin, a Bosnian, three were invited to the wedding in 2017, and the fourth, Daniel Kinahan, the only Irishman ever to escape justice.

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Thanks to information from Sky, other names have emerged among Dubai’s drug lords. This is how 39-year-old Hoesnay Ayaray and 41-year-old Bouarfa Rabhioui – two Belgian-born Moroccans, the first in Antwerp and the second in Brussels – found themselves in the crosshairs of French police officers from the Anti-Narcotics (Ofast). They were arrested in the Emirates on November 8 at the request of France, which sent an extradition request last week.

The first preliminary investigation was opened in Paris in the spring of 2021 after the seizure of several cocaine (more than 2 tons in total) bound for the port of Le Havre. Another seizure in Gambia in January 2021 could be added to the list. About 3 tons of cocaine were hidden in the bags.industrial saltIt was discovered on a South American cargo ship bound for Europe. Banta K., a 38-year-old Franco-Gambian, has since been wanted by The Gambia.

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three fake cops

A second investigation targeting the same organization is expected in the summer of 2021.”sequestration by an act of torture and barbarity“. The scenario deserves a special series. At the end of June 2020, before the planned operation of 100 kilos of cola in a hangar in Antwerp, three fake police officers broke in and seized the drugs. Who betrayed? All the heroes are exposed to a lie detector. One of them fails twice happens. The sequel takes place in a garage in Molenbeek. Thirty-six hours of blows and burns for this thirty-year-old Belgian left for dead in a ditch. After two months in an induced coma, the victim makes a miraculous recovery. Photos sent to Dubai bosses via Sky as proof.

What’s new at Sky is that we’ve been able to connect with these criminals, the coke dealers, in our investigations, who until then had always been untouchable because they were away from the field and the product.“, emphasizes Lola Menahem, head of Ofast’s litigation department. “Their power– continues the commissioner,it’s their network and ability to find a solution: a joint venture, a port connection…“But also to mobilize troops to recover goods or”to shake» bad payer or competitor. Five of these performers, who are subordinate to the organization and operate from Dubai, have been arrested in the Paris region, Spain and Belgium. None were previously known to specialized police services.

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A third man appeared alongside Ayaray and Rabhioui. A few things filtered through to this French forty from Val-de-Marne, which until then had passed the police radar. Not in Dubai on the net on November 8, he is actively sought. Has it taken the direction of Turkey? After Dubai, which currently cooperates with European police, it would be the new haven of the European drug business, according to experts.

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