The best garages in France 2023: what are the main addresses in Occitania?

Here is the ranking of the best garages in Occitanie according to Auto Plus magazine. (©Pixabay/Illustration)

This ranking not really anecdotal as it is mechanic looking forward to it. Editorial board at the end of 2022Auto More just released his charts 2023 of The best garages in France. “A survey of 30,000 professional customer recommendations,” explains the automotive magazine, which gives each of the establishments ten points.

Several criteria consider: the clarity of the budget and proposal, the speed with which you can make an appointment, the friendliness of the reception or the quality of advice and intervention. Details of this classification are here Occitania.

Rating of the best garages in Occitania

Many garages d’Occitanie is represented in this national ranking. Here is the regional breakdown of the first place awarded to the Toulouse garage:

  1. the BMW garage Pelras hour Toulouse (Haute-Garonne), 145 rue Nicolas Louis Vauquelin – Score: 9.96/10. It is also the best in France, tied with a garage in Ile-de-France.
  2. the Edenauto Renault garage hour Miranda (Gers), 24 avenue des Anciens Combattants d’Afnor – Rating: 9.92/10.
  3. the Garage AD EXPERT Automobile Castraise hour Castres (Tarn), 162 avenue de Lautrec – Score: 9.90/10.
  4. the garage AD self-distribution for Pouget (Hérault), Provençal Condamine – Score: 9.90/10.
  5. the Garage Thierry Smargiassi hour Ales (Gard), 3 Boulevard Gambetta – Score: 9.90/10.
  6. the mad specialist AD garage hour Mauguio (Hérault), Baillargues road – Rating: 9.83/10.
  7. the Brassac’ Car garage hour Brassac (Tarn), 34 route des Ferrières – Score: 9.79/10.
  8. the garage Alliance Auto Opel hour Carcassonne (Aude), 445 rue Gustave Eiffel, La Ferraudière Galinier area – Score: 9.79/10.
  9. the Garage Auto Chic hour Ales (Gard), 1793 Chemin des Sports – Score: 9.79/10.
  10. the garage Olivan Peugeot hour Honey (Haute-Garonne), 2 avenue du Prat Gimont – Score: 9.79/10.
  11. the no car garage hour Villeneuve-les-Beziers (Hérault), avenue Pierre Beregovoy – Score: 9.79/10.
  12. the Garage Pyrenees Carrosserie Mirassou hour Tarbes (Hautes-Pyrénées), 19 boulevard des Vosges – Score: 9.79/10.
  13. the garage Bruzzechesse hour Albie (Tarn), avenue de Saint-Juery – Score: 9.71/10.
  14. the Delco Garage hour Albie (Tarn), United Nations Avenue – Score: 9.71/10.
  15. the Euromaster seminar hour Revel (Haute-Garonne), Castelnaudary Road – Score: 9.71/10.

“Our strength? The family side of our garage »

For many professionals, this rating means recognition of their work. This is especially the case for Sébastien Smargiassi, manager of one of Occitanie’s best establishments in Alès (Gard): Thierry Smargiassi garage. “Our strength is the family side of our business,” said the 35-year-old expert contacted

“The garage has been there for sixty years. I got it from my grandfather and father. We remain the local garage in the city center, with a proven track record for everything from Mr Everyman’s cars to prestige and highly technical equipment. We are known for our rigor and technique. »

Sebastien SmargiassiManager of one of the best garages in Occitanie

Toulouse at the forefront of the national stage

THERE IS ToulouseThe BMW Pelras garage has the highest rating in the country.

“We are very proud to receive such an award, especially when we know that it was driven by the voice of our customers! This is very gratifying because, as we often say, the real boss is the customer,” Laurie Zakowski, marketing and communications manager for the dealership, explains to our colleagues.Toulouse news.

A big difference for this institution, which will celebrate its 40th anniversary in January 2023!

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