Parc des Princes, Stade de France… Should PSG change stadiums?

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It has been rumored for several days that PSG is considering leaving the Parc des Princes after failing to reach an agreement with the city of Paris to buy the capital club’s historic stadium. A possibility confirmed by Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, tired of stormy and fruitless negotiations with the municipality, while Qatar wants a cap worthy of the new status of the Paris team. An inevitable move?

With the World Cup in full swing in Qatar, with the start of the round of 16, the host country is not shying away from setting itself up to restore its image, which has been damaged by a series of controversies, particularly environmental issues and human rights. . But another topic is starting to stir the Qataris, and this time it concerns PSG. Qatar, who came to the capital in 2011, took the Paris club to another dimension by attracting the best players of the planet to its team (Messi, Neymar, Mbappe) while carrying out major internal changes, such as the construction of a large new training center in Puissy for 2023 or the replacement of the Parc de Princes shortly after the takeover. PSG. But Qatari workers now want to take a new step by taking over the legendary Porte de Saint-Cloud stadium, which has caused tension between the management and the city of Paris.

Arms transfer between PSG and Paris municipality

As Qatar hopes to get their hands on the Parc des Princes, bloody statements between the two camps abound. ” Our first choice is to stay, but I don’t think the City Council wants us to stay. They are pressuring us to leave “, was especially announced Nasser Al-Khelaifi in this week brand, will be enough to jump the mayor of Paris. ” To read that the city wants to “kick them out of the Park” is insulting “he replied Parisian Immanuel Gregoryfirst deputyAnne Hidalgo. “ The city has always been available to learn the best ways to support the development of this club. We had two options. Preferred by PSG, ie buy to invest. Another one the city likes to say is: since you’re going to invest, we’re willing to sign a lease with you for a very long time, which will certainly allow for the amortization of the investment. We were in the discussion stage. And there we saw these declarations. (…) We will wait for his return from Qatar and if he wants, we will continue the discussions. “, he noted Immanuel GregoryNot considering giving up the Parc des Princes, “ but at the right price. The tariff issue is a point of contention between the owners PSG and the town hall. ” PSG offers 40 million euros. Cheaper than Paredes. Frankly? ! Do you really think Park is worth less than Leandro Paredes bought for €50m? It’s not serious “, clearly the first deputy plagueAnne Hidalgoadding fuel to the fire.

“We are beautiful people, but we are not stupid”

He talks a lot. He tells us something in front of us and his version is different in the newspaper. That is, I cannot acceptreacted on Saturday Nasser Al-Khelaifi in the columns Team. If there is a problem, we talk face to face. Not in the newspaper. If I have a message, I make it live “. Although rumors of a departure from the Parc des Princes have persisted for several days, PSG reveals what he did” five years Qatar is trying to own its own stadium. ” Every time they told us: “After the mayoral election.” Then: “After the President is elected.” We lost five years. We could already build a new stadium. But look at other clubs! I don’t know how many agreements we need. We are not moving forward in discussions », hammers Nasser Al-Khelaifinow raising his voice against the city of Paris: We are nice people, but we are not stupid. We had a great time, now it’s over. They take advantage of our beauty. That’s enough! »

Puissy, Saint-Cloud, Stade de France, various options on the table

Therefore, amid heated negotiations with the mayor of Paris, the option of moving is on the table, and it is on the table as accepted by several options. Nasser Al-Khelaifi. “ I can’t say where, but we could build a new stadium in Paris. ” Because Teamone of the tracks PSG in St. Cloud, on the site of the racetrack, and another in Puissy, where the construction of a future 74-acre training center is just nearing completion. PSG it feels good. ” Poissy has already demonstrated the ability to find solutions when others continue to talk about problemssaid this week Parisian Carl OliveDeputy mayor of the city located in Yvelines. So if we can help with all the institutional partners, we will be able to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity for the Yvelin region and the club! PSG deserves a stadium worthy of its name, just like Real Madrid or Bayern Munich. After the future training center, this is the next important step for the club to grow and win big competitions. The park becomes a very narrow environment, and the city of Paris is a mistake not to go in the direction of the club. Nevertheless, the construction of a new large-scale stadium is estimated at between 500 million euros and 1 billion euros from Qatar. Parisianthen it can cool the owners PSG.

The other track will be a few kilometers away from the 16th arrondissement and will be located outside the Stade de France, which has more than 80,000 seats. For the end goal PSGincrease the income and value of the club With a stadium worthy of its new status, the Parisian team has thus matured heartbeat Barcelonathe Real Madridthe Bayern Munich and mastodons First League, ahead of this point. ” We once had to close 2,000 locations due to a problem. Technology is not up to it either. PSG does not have the stadium to reach the highest financial or even sporting levelclaims Al-Khelaifi in his interview Teama nascent revolt of all-knowing historic supporters faced the idea of ​​abandoning the Park. I love the Parc des Princes, I have always defended it, it is the heart of PSG. If they are reasonable, we will stay in the Park forever. But we are in an impossible situation. »

Cup is ready to do everything “for PSG to stay in the Park”.

For their part, supporters have already expressed their hostility to the move PSG. “ History is being written in the parkCollectif Ultras Paris mentions in a press release. We have no duty to interfere in the discussions, negotiations and balance of power between the club and Paris mayor’s office, but we know one thing: we will fight with all our strength to keep PSG at the Parc. “The Ultras conclude with a fight that was addressed to the city, but they did not” he never considered either a sincere partner of the club or a support for his lovers. Arm wrestling could therefore soon be done by three PSG doesn’t know exactly where to play home games in the medium term.

But according to you PSG should the stages change? To your voices

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