Météo France: vigilance, forecasts… Here’s what’s changing

Météo France has announced new features for displaying weather alerts. (©AS / actu.fr)

There is something new Meteo France. At a press briefing this Tuesday, November 29, 2022, the agency announced a set of significant changes to its forecasts.

After that, on the website dedicated to air vigilance, double card will be presented to the authorities and the general public for the current day and the next day. predictions about risks wave-sinking and avalanches it will also be thinner.

How does Météo France determine the alert level?

Météo France explains in its press release that “the alert level is determined for each department and for each phenomenon using criteria pre-defined by Météo-France together with the crisis management authorities. These criteria include the expected intensity of events and the local sensitivity to meteorological events, past events, observed results and the level of climate adaptation of the department (the usual nature of events for the place under consideration) are published for the map for the current day and for the next day at the same time.

What is this double card?

Météo France has decided to update its popular forecast map in order to “understand the meteorological threats for the authorities and the population” and to “warn about the risks to the safety of people and property”.

While it only displayed detailed 24-hour forecasts until now, it will now provide the day’s data as well as forecasts for the next day in a new dedicated tab. until midnight.

A double alert map is now available on Météo France.
A double alert map is now available on Météo France. (©Air France)

The Météo-France press briefing extended the validity period to the next day to “Prepare better” and better manage prevention and intervention teams in crisis management.

To see what changes according to the phenomenon in terms of color cues and chronological friezes, you need to play seven errors a bit.

Meteo France

This double map will be released at least twice a day, at 6:00 am and 4:00 pm, “the first map is for the current day, and the second map is for the next day’s forecasts.” Note that at 10:00 a.m., another card may be distributed if the situation requires it, as provided for in the existing system.

“Météo France is providing clear, relevant information adapted to the situation here by extending the vigil until the following evening,” congratulated Christophe Bechu, Minister of Environmental Transition and Territorial Union. institution.

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This allows everyone to anticipate, adapt their behavior and organize themselves as quickly as possible.

Christophe BechuMinister of Ecological Transition and Territorial Unity

More accurate predictions for two phenomena

The second change announced Tuesday: new mapping for weather events. Primarily, this is related to wave-submersion risks and avalanche risks. finer localization on department vigilance maps.

“This zoning may, depending on the situation, cover all or part of a given department or several departments,” notes Météo France.

case waves-diving, vigilance will now distinguish 46 coastal areas, now not only 25 before. “Henceforth, departmental maps will show only parts of the coast exposed to danger,” Météo France emphasizes.

This development would allow, for example, not the entire coast of Finistère or Morbihan in the Orange Vigilance for Waves, but only the part between the west of the Quiberon peninsula and the Pointe du Raz.

Meteo France

case avalanches, now 37 mountainous areas will be mapped. So far, forecasts have been distributed to 15 departments. Hence a more “fine” zoning than a simple departmental review.

Météo France will now map avalanche risks more accurately.
Météo France will now map avalanche risks more accurately. Here the Southern Alps are divided into nine mountain ranges. (©Air France)

As avalanches are “meteorological objects with well-defined parameters”, it seems “sensible” for Météo France to develop its forecasting system “slowly but carefully”.

more than one hundred predictions it is done every day depending on the organization.

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