The founder of Gamelles Pleines talks about it in “La Touche Animale”.

Many people who face danger and life on the street have one or more pets. Having the latter helps them stand firm and often find a source of motivation to keep trying to move forward.

These animals have needs that their owners strive to meet despite the limited resources available to them. Full bowls this is one of the associations that work daily to feed and care for homeless people’s 4-legged friends. But he doesn’t just do that; hundreds of its volunteers also work to support these people in the reintegration process through their animals.

director of Full bowls, Johann Fiercediscussed it extensively in front of an animal expert Yoann Latouche 14 during this periode appointment Animal touchHere’s a recap of it:

Help the homeless through their animal

4 legs to climb “. This is the motto of the union, which was created 14 years ago. How Johann Fierce did he have the idea to start this wonderful project? He says that while conducting food raids with the homeless, he realized that ” while the dog emptied his bowl, the master emptied his heart “. Building a trusting relationship between the dog owner and the volunteers in a safe situation highlighted the real need that goes far beyond filling his pet’s bowl. It is also about treating him, finding a solution to care for him in case of hospitalization, accessories (doors, collars, muzzles, etc.) ), from using the services, etc. We gradually structured Gamelles Pleines to respond to all these “, explain Johann Fierce.

Article description: Helping the homeless go through their animals: The founder of Gamelles Pleines talks about it.

The aim of the association is to truly support the homeless by relieving them of their worries about their animals. In other words: to your rehabilitation, care, etc. we help you feed and care for your companion so you can concentrate.

Full bowls today there are 12 branches in 14 cities in France, 400 volunteers and growing support from producers (especially in the field of animal feed), politicians, godmothers and, of course, the public.

The latter also contributes about a third of the budget to the financing of the activities and activities of the association through donations. Another third comes from partner companies (pet food brands, etc.), and the rest is provided by various initiatives such as Calendar. Full bowls.

This allows association teams to continue their actions such as heists (1200 in various cities for 2021). These come in various forms. Some are implemented at a certain point, assigned to the owners of homeless animals. Others are mobile, reaching people who don’t dare ask for help. Johann Fierce also refers to “extra mobile” patrols for the most isolated cases.

Donations and support are needed, as are host families

founder of Full bowls noted the basic needs of the association, obviously related to food, but not only. In addition to the important bridle, demand also applies to saddlery (brows, collars, muzzles, etc.). She also says that the donation of accessories is welcome, but that certain branches of the association rely on their own creativity, for example, by setting up workshops to make hooks from recycled yarn. Activities involving homeless people. This is especially so La Rochelle, Paris and Montpellier.

Health needs are equally high. One of the association’s biggest expenses is veterinary expenses. Fortunately, Full bowls can rely on a network of partner practitioners offering discounted rates. Without forgetting the invaluable support provided by the association Vets for all.

Finally, Full bowls foster families are needed more than ever. In fact, for people in a dangerous situation, when their animal is sick, needs to go to rehab, etc. It is important to know that you are in good hands. Many refuse treatment for fear of losing their partner. It also allows them to go to a job interview with peace of mind, for example, about the safety and well-being of their dog, cat or other.

Animal species were also discussed in this episode. Johann Fierce explains that the vast majority of animals encountered by homeless people are dogs. Then come cats, then less common companions such as mice, rats, ferrets …

Sad stories, but others are more joyful

The mission of volunteers Full bowls inevitably makes them face tragedies, such as the death of the animal or its owner. After that, it’s about helping a bereaved owner come to terms with the loss of a friend or finding a foster family for their pet when the master disappears.

Association teams are also witness to great stories, e.gAdele. This young woman, who found herself on the street at the age of 16, experienced violence and addiction before finding one of her dogs critically injured by bullets during a squatting police intervention. Fortunately, the dog was operated on and saved, and its mistress agreed to accept the animal as a place to live until it recovers. Rehabilitation and 4 months later Adele he found a house and a job, got his license, bought a truck and became a shepherd in the Alps with his dogs.

Some of the homeless made it Full bowls they in turn volunteered to help their colleagues. How can we join the association and reach out? Either directly by contacting the local branch of the association or by visiting the website We are then trained and controlled to participate in solidarity actions such as looting.

You can help too Full bowls by being a host family, following and spreading information about the association on social networks and, of course, by sending donations.

Another way to contribute to the miraculous mission Full bowls is to buy a calendar that spotlights 13 great stories each year.

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