Chelles: These high school students try their hand at criticizing auteur films

Robin; Mei-ly; Hema; Emely and Estevan, high school students in Chelles, meet at the Chelles cinema. © DR

A WednesdayEvery two weeks from November 2022, Robin ; Mei-ly ; at home ; Emely and EstevanHigh school students in Chelles, Seine-et-Marne, came together Chelles cinema. All five are members of the ambassador club, founded by Fanny Poly, one of the employees of the Etoile Cosmos cinema.

Published review

“The goal is to introduce young viewers to films from Azerbaijani cinemaart and experimentation. They watch two movies and write a review of their favorite movie. This opinion will be published in the columns of the newspaper Marnein January 2023Fanny Poly, host of the Ambassadors’ Club sessions, explains.

5 high school students followed in November 16 years old and Rascals. They fell in love with the second of these two films. ” We preferred the plot and the scene“, says Hemma.

“An opportunity to discover film criticism”

All five had heard about starting this ambassador club through high school, but they each had different motivations that led them to embark on this adventure. For Robin, a freshman at Gasnier-Guy-Sainte-Bathilde high school, her main motivation was her interest in cinema: “ It’s an environment I really like.. I would like to work there later. These workshops are an opportunity to explore film criticism. »

“Participate in Extracurricular Activities”

For Mei-ly, the motivation is to meet other young people who are older: “I wanted to meet other teenagers who are enthusiastic. cinema“explains the final year student at the lycée Gasnier-Guy-Sainte-Bathilde.

“I wanted to participate in an event extracurricular activity it wouldn’t take me long, but it would allow me to clear my head. With the courses and the investment it required of us, I stopped the sport, today there are only courses, courses and courses. I wanted something else,” says Hemma, a final year student at Gaston-Bachelard high school in Chelles.

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A general passion for cinema

“That was it for me film critic which interests me. I was interested in the profession of a journalist and I wanted it learning how to watch a movie, to explore this universe“, continues Emeli, a freshman at Gaston-Bachelard high school.

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Despite their different motivations, they all share a taste for cinema.

“Participate in Extracurricular Activities”

“We understand that their preferences in terms of cinema are more towards genre cinema such as science fiction, action films or horror films,” explains Fany Poly. That is, the opposite of cinema art and experimentation. “But we feel the desire of these young people to be interestedother genres“, the presenter of the seminar continues. The purpose of these seminars raising awareness of auteur cinema among young audiences to bring it (again) to cinemas.

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