Pays voironnais opens to literature and art

EVENT – Livres à vous offers a great literary-artistic event in Voiron and surrounding towns from November 17-20, 2022. The public is invited to meet about thirty authors. They can also attend shows and explore exhibitions.

Books to you, let’s go! This symbolic festival of the Voiron region was especially able to adapt to the crisis by organizing virtual meetings. Today, from November 17, he invites the public to a very real meeting. It’s both a small and lasting success: the event celebrates its fourteenth edition this year. For four days, the organizers announce an impressive program. In terms of quality and quantity.

Their offer is primarily aimed at literature lovers. But not only: ” Livres à vous festival continues its journey, meeting all audiences, avid readers or not »Shows Bruno Cattin, president of Pays voironnais, and Laurence Boutantin-Béthune, its vice-president for Culture and Heritage.

This year, Livres à vous announces a good thirty guest authors

The main camp of the festival? This is still Le Grand Angle in Voiron. However, many other sites are hosting the event until November 20th. From a serious literary point of view, the public will be able to count on three guests of honor: the Spanish-language author Miguel Bonnefoy, the French illustrator Amandine Piu and the German writer-journalist Alexander Starrit. In addition to traditional autograph sessions, each of them participated in several meetings with festival participants. The appointment is made in Voiron and surrounding areas.

Authors invited to the Livres à vous festival participate in numerous meetings with the public. Traditional autograph sessions are always a big hit. © Aymeric Bisio

Exchange with readers motivates all authors. The organizers have convinced about thirty of them and can thus happily announce the arrival of Cécile Coulon, Alain Damasio, Clara Dupont-Monod, Laurent Petitmangin, Adèle Tariel, Jérôme Peyrat and Mylène Mouton, among others. Regional writers such as freelance journalist Ariane Denoyel also participate zombie generation, or the novelists Sylvain Bove and Philippe Berlioz.

Shows and exhibitions to discover on the sidelines of literary meetings

Livres à vous is not just a literary salon. There are several other highlights of the festival, such as the show Switch to color, signed by Alain Damasio and Jan Pechin. This exclusive meeting between the famous author of waiting and the great guitarist of the rock scene will take place on November 18, at 20:00 at Grand Angle.

Another exceptional moment was announced: visitA performance filmed live with Amandine Piu and her guests and Alem, a specialist artist at the helm beatbox. On November 19, at 20:00, a unique show has been programmed in Voiron village hall.

This year, Livres invited illustrator Gwen Keraval.  He designed the poster for the festival and an exhibition is dedicated to him at Grand Angle.  DR

This year, Livres invited illustrator Gwen Keraval. He designed the poster for the festival and an exhibition is dedicated to him at Grand Angle. DR

Livres à vous is therefore far from content to award prizes to talented writers. The event is also a good opportunity to explore the exhibitions. Gwen Keraval, the illustrator selected for the festival poster, has already started work at Le Grand Angle. He will remain there until mid-December. Others are also taking place at the Voiron and Voreppe media libraries as well as the La Murette library.

Want another show? This will be possible on Sunday 20 November in the Voiron village hall, for example with a musical reading by Mylène Mouton or a slam session from the novels of Yann Rambaud.

As the menu is extensive, it is difficult to be comprehensive. Livres à vous mobilizes a total of 35 municipalities! Festival-goers can also take part in family workshops or bus tours to meet the authors. A true concentration of culture to follow on the event’s Facebook page. Final point: Visitors looking to take a short break will be able to take advantage of the opening of La Parenthèse, a brand new ephemeral bistro in Grand Angle.

[Crédit de la photo de une : Aymeric Bisio]

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