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Finally, the Metaverse project, which allows us to understand the huge potential of this market.

Metaverse: where are we so far?

The biggest consulting firms like McKinsey and Bloomberg tell us that this will be the biggest revolution of the 21st century and could generate up to $5 trillion in revenue by 2030.

But despite this eruption, the current Metaverse is struggling to take off. And for good reason, they have almost no active users and look like video games from the 2000s.

How can this contrast between potential and reality be explained?

According to FeelingMeta, the problem is supply, not demand.

Today’s Metaverses bring nothing to the general public. Admittedly, blockchain, cryptocurrency and NFT-related technologies can revolutionize the world. But a technology only gains value when it brings something to users.

According to them, the current Metaverse projects are low quality video games, we wanted to stick the label “Blockchain & NFT” to give them value.

It’s time for the Metaverse to open up to the general public and become a tool for real life like the Internet.

FeelingMeta is an actor who wants to become a Metaverse Purchase!

For FeelingMeta, we are currently at Nokia 32.10 and it is time for the birth of the Apple of the metaverses.

This French company aims to position itself as the leader of this revolution.

Different from current players with its clear vision, Metaverse is not a virtual world, but a digital continuity of real life!

Far from the game image, this metaverse offers an ultra-realistic design and finally opens the Metaverse to the general public.

Its specialization in entertainment and its openness to sensory accessories give it a solid opportunity to become an expert in its field.

With FeelingMeta, the Metaverse becomes immersive!

Today, when a person browses the Internet, it is a real experience!

Tomorrow will be the same for Metaverse with FeelingMeta.

It is a very high quality project

On the serious side, the project ticks all the boxes:

The team around this project is qualified and all profiles can be checked on their website, LinkedIn link for support:

It is necessary to highlight a transparency that is quite rare in web 3 projects.

The smart contract has been verified by SOLIDPROOF, a German company specializing in auditing smart contracts.

All regulatory restrictions in terms of KYC and ALM are respected by FeelingMeta, which is backed by a French bank.

We are on a very high quality project built on solid foundations.

Sustainable business model

The FM token is the core of the FeelingMeta ecosystem. It is the only payment method within Metaverse.

It allows you to acquire NFTs (land + entertainment places) and pay for all transactions.

Based on the decentralized vision, the Metaverse (land + entertainment venues) will be fully owned by NFT holders.

The latter will receive income based on the attractiveness of their premises.

This is a dream opportunity to get a place in a metaverse that will be visited by millions of people a day in a few years.

An ICO that will make noise

There is no doubt that the FeelingMeta ICO was a real success. They have just launched round 0 of their ICO which is available from $50.

This round allows you to acquire FM tokens for only $0.04, considering the huge potential of this sector.

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, the listing on Uniswap is expected to be $0.12.

This ambition should already be noted on other platforms such as Binance, which could explode the token’s valuation.

In this BearMarket context, this is a real opportunity not to be missed.

The team wants to place the FM token in the top 100 cryptocurrencies.

You can discover and buy FM tokens at:

Follow project news at:

Warning: This article is promotional content and does not constitute investment advice. Do your own research and only invest money you can afford to lose.

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