Weather in the country of Lorient. There is no marked cold on the horizon

Weather in Lorient (Morbihan) from Saturday, November 5 to Thursday, November 10, 2022.


Cloudy weather in the morning with sunny, numerous cloudy clouds and rare showers. Cloudy skies from midday with light and intermittent showers before midday.

Weak south-westerly wind will blow in the morning, moderate cooling during the day (force 3, wind speed 25-35 km/h; force 4 on the coast, wind speed 35-45 km/h). Kerroc’h from Guidel-Plages: southwest 1.2-1.5 m swell. Minimum: 7°/8°; maximum: 15°/16°; (from 6°/7° to 14°/15° north of Gestel-Lanester-Kervignac). It will be cloudy in the evening, it will rain after 11 pm, the speed of the south-west wind is 50-60 km/h; From 20:00 to midnight 14° to 13°.


Rainy and windy at the end of the night, then unsettled in the morning and afternoon, becoming sunny with a lot of cloudy clouds and showers.

Unsettled, sunny spells in the early afternoon precede the return of changeable skies with more generous, cumulus clouds over Lorient and the coast.

occasionally increasing south-west wind (force 5, 45-55 km/h; on the coast it will increase to 55-65 km/h). Kerroc’h from Guidel-Plages: SW 2.5 to 3 m swell. Minimum: 12°/13°; maximum: 15°/16° (from 11°/12° to 14°/15° north of Gestel-Lanester-Kervignac). Thin curtains at 13° to 11° high from 8pm to midnight.


A broad front slowly approaching Brittany will produce mostly cloudy skies in the morning, then cloudy skies with regular drizzle and drizzle in the afternoon.

occasionally increasing south-west wind (force 4, 45-55 km/h; on the coast it will increase to 55-65 km/h). Min: 10°/11° Max: 15°/16°; (from 9°/10° to 14°/15° north of Gestel-Lanester-Kervignac). Showers in the evening and overnight with SW winds 75-85 km/h or even 95 km/h in Groix; 13° from 8 pm to midnight.

Tuesday – Thursday

The disturbed flow will precede the formation of a broad anticyclone extending from the Azores to Switzerland on Thursday.

On Tuesday, in the morning and afternoon, the sky will be short-term sunny, cloudy and showery. It will blow from the southwest (45-55 km/h 4, 55-65 km/h strengthening wind will blow on the coast). Minimum: 11°/12°, maximum: 15°/16°.

Unstable Wednesday morning with showers, cumulus clouds and showers before more generous clears in the afternoon. Dominant moderate south-west wind (force 4, wind 30-40 km/h; will increase to 40-50 km/h on the coast). Min: 10°/11°; maximum: 15°/16°.

Light rain in the morning before cloudy and mild skies in the afternoon on Thursday (clearing better > 4pm). Weak south-west wind will blow. Minimum: 12°/13°; maximum: 16°/17°.

October 2022

With a maximum average of 18.67° (16.87° based on the last twenty years), October 2022 is the warmest October since 1984, almost equal to October 2006 (18.69°).

While France experiences significant sunshine and heat peaks or even high temperatures (> 30°), Brittany is often very mild and subject to an oceanic dominant southerly flow, but is regularly windy and cloudy.

In detail, twenty-one maximum values ​​reached or exceeded 18 °, two of them 21 °, and on the minimum side, twenty values ​​did not fall below 12 °, three fell below 15 °.

In parallel with these warming observations, if Octobers reaching or exceeding a maximum of 18° were recorded in the five years since 2012 (over eleven years), the rate was 1 in 3 between 1995 and 2003. and since 1984 it has been almost non-existent. By 1994, a sign of significant change.

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