Vancouver photographer noted in National Geographic

Fascinated by photography since childhood, Martin Gregus has always been inspired by his father, also a professional photographer. Growing up in Slovakia before moving to Canada at the age of eight, he was immediately drawn to the vast expanses of Canadian landscapes.

Several influences have guided his career as a photographer. It was his father, with whom he shot some of his recent accolades, who first showed him the underbelly of the business..

He was also fascinated by the films of the famous director since his childhood David Attenboroughstill forcing him to understand the world around him to this day and then capture its essence through a unique perspective.

Filmmaker-videographer Simon Gohier went to meet a photographer who has been rubbing shoulders with polar bears in the Canadian Arctic for years.

Passion is the key to success

So, with these references in mind, he threw himself into photographing the jewels of nature that surrounded him. Originally equipped with only a 6-megapixel camera, it never intended to be limited to what was considered outdated hardware; confirms without a doubt that the most important element in a photographer’s career is the passion and desire to get to know the subjects that drive him.

Thus, he attributes his success to never accepting defeat or resignation. His first expeditions to the Arctic date back to 2015, and he has always managed to find the means to finance the adventures, which are accompanied by very high bills. He saved his money by working for his sister’s company, including his future escapes.

Martin wants people to see his photos as a reminder to love and protect the natural world.

Photo: Martin Gregus

He estimates that he invested between $60,000 and $80,000 for the expedition, and eventually introduced it to the rest of the world, without the slightest guarantee of any financial gain from it.

Martin Gregus is very grateful for the chance to witness what he considers unforgettable scenes. One can easily feel the genuine excitement in his presence, especially when he describes how he photographed a bear swimming less than a meter away from him. He even goes so far as to say that he owes his career and success to the polar bears of the Canadian Arctic.

Not only does he attribute his recent professional accomplishments to the large mammals he encounters, but he also finds that they allow him to learn a lot about himself. After spending so much time with them, he even went so far as to name each of the animals he developed some kind of affinity with.

Two polar bears bathe in shallow water.

Two women chilling and playing on a hot summer day. Martin used a drone to capture the moment. For him, the shape of the heart symbolizes the brotherly love between them and “the love we owe to the natural world as humans.”

Photo: Martin Gregus

Humility before the majesty of the world

The experience instilled in him a new form of humility. On the one hand, he remembers how easy it was for these large predators to come and devour them, and on the other hand, he was amazed to observe the direct effects of civilization on the territories occupied by polar bears.

The Arctic is not clean. There is plastic pollution everywhere and we had to pick up the trash. Not to mention the smoke from forest fires that spread all the way there and affected their lives. »

quote from Martin Gregus, photographer
A polar bear swims and jumps into the camera.

Martin Gregus remembers this moment with emotion, which he had hoped to capture for years.

Photo: Martin Gregus

The big lesson Martin learned from his expeditions to the Arctic Circle is to realize the smallness of people and the planet we live on.

As people admire his images and describe the peace and tranquility they inspire, Martin Gregus hopes that these feelings allow people to form an emotional bond with these creatures.

He believes this will finally motivate people to take action to try to save a species at the forefront of climate change.

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